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How does Deposit work at CoinLivre?

CNLT is the stable token, pegged to the Brazilian Real, native to our platform, created to facilitate transactions within our ecosystem. This ensures security and liquidity for our platform. Each Real deposited on the platform becomes a CNLT, offering a clear and direct transition between fiat currency and digital token.

Terms of Use

I agree to CoinLivre's terms of Use and privacy policy, as well as the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) Policy. I am aware that the deposit origin account must be in my name and CPF.


If the payment is made through an account with a different CPF from yours, the amount will be refunded within 24 hours, and no CNLT will be added to your wallet.

Value Selection

Please note, the minimum investment is R$100.00.
Remember to sign the Terms of Use before proceeding.

QR Code CoinLivre

Scan this code with your phone or use pix copy and paste in the app of your bank of choice, to make your CNLT Token purchase.

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